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Our mission is to be the leading manufacturer&supplier of excellent quality products by offering competitive pricing and remarkable service

Quality is the life. Kosun follows ISO9001 strictly and completely through QA,QE,QC (IQC,IPQC,FQC,OQC)


QA is responsible for product quality review,makes sure the whole quality control process to be accordance with ISO9001


Quality Engineer is responsible for the process of quality control from samples making to mass production,including doc. Set-up of test standard which are related to quality control,resolving issues raised from the incoming materials and mass production,seeking the solutions to improve the production efficiency,providing solutions of quality complaints.


IQC is responsible for quality control of incoming materials ,makes sure of the quality of all components to meet the standards set by R&D department


IPQC is responsible for the production in process quality control,makes sure all units made compliant with requirements set.


FQC is responsible for the final production quality control,makes sure,makes sure all units are completely tested and perfectly passed relevant quality standards before packing.


OQC is responsible for quality control of outgoing products quality control,makes sure all units are perfect before deliveries.

Kosun ensures all products must be made in accordance with the relevant laws of the people's Republic of China and targeted markets.

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